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The Resort Town of Berchtesgaden

The history of Berchtesgaden allows us to cast our glance all the way back to 1102, the year in which its existence was first chronicled. In the beginning there was a monastery, to which the Canons Regular of St. Augustine were appointed by Berengar I von Sulzbach.
In the year 1156 Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa permitted the prospecting for salt and metals, thereby laying the foundation stone for the economic development of Berchtesgaden. Its wealth of salt was always of interest to neighbouring Salzburg as well, resulting in armed conflict time and time again.
The market town of Berchtesgaden finally became a part of Bavaria in 1810 and remains so to this day.
The first tourists began visiting Berchtesgaden at the end of the 19th century.
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Geographic Location of Berchtesgaden

In the bottommost part of Bavaria. In the exact spot where a tongue of land protrudes into Austria – to be more precise, into Salzburg –this is where you will find Berchtesgaden

Longitude and Latitude
Longitude: 13 / 13° 0' 0''

latitude: 47.6333 / 47° 37' 60''

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Hiking, rafting, riding a mountain biking through the Alps, or perhaps simply relaxing at the Schornbad pool in Schönau am Königssee. Find out more about the countless ways to enjoy your vacation in our section dedicated to Active Adventures.A Natural Experience

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